Imam Ibn Abdil Hadi's

Al-Saarim al-Munki     

 الصارم المنكي

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    Imam Ibn Abdil Hadi's
✨ Al-Saarim al-Munki  ✨
      🌺الصارم المنكي🌺
The Muhaddith of Yemen
 💫Al Shaykh Hasan
      Haydar al-San'ani
🗓 Starts January 2nd
Saturdays & Sundays
(Fridays & Saturdays) *
🕧Makkah    6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
🕒London     3:00 AM - 4:30 AM
🕙New York* 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
🕑Sydney 2:00 PM - 3:30PM
The complete work will be covered with valuable explanation throughout within a duration of 4 to 5 months.

🔸 Taught in Arabic only

🔸 All sessions will be recorded & available for participating students

🔸 Ijazah and Sanad to the author of the book awarded to those who participate successfully

✒️ Synopsis

Authored by Imam Ibn Abdil Hadi (d. 744AH) is a perennial work that represents the way the scholars of this Ummah understood rulings from texts, particularly the hadith literature, and contains within it a lively-refutation culture within the bounds of knowledge-predicated subjects.

The gist of the work touches upon a few different sciences in the Shariah and from them are the sciences of Hadith (both in terms of their understanding and their variance in routes), Aqeedah, and the Fiqh of hadith. However from the most beneficial contributions of this work lie in the way the author operationalises the way of the Muhaditheen in their sieving process of authenticating and weakening narrations, and attempts to present an object conclusion primarily from the methodology of the Muhaditheen.

🔷 How can I benefit?

The primary purpose of our study will be on how the author strings together different discourses in Ulum al-Hadith, giving us a glimpse behind the veil of how wonderfully accurate this science can be.

 🔹 Brief Biography of the Author

Al-Dhahabi (d.748 AH) says about the author in his Mu’jam al-Mukhtas: "The Faqeeh par-excellence, the astounding reciter of Quran, the Haafidh, great scholar of Arabic Grammar, and carrier for many different sciences. And from them is his excellence in the sciences of hadith when it comes to knowledge of the narrators.

Haafidh Ibn Kathir (d.774AH) in his Bidayah says about him: "He managed to attain from the sciences that many of the greatest of scholars did not attain. His memory was astounding when it came to the names of narrators and the differing routes of hadith. He was knowledgeable regarding the sciences of Jarh and Ta’deel, and he was cognisant of the subtle defects found in transmissions, and he had an astute understanding of what they implied."

Imam al-Suyuti (d.911 AH) mentions in his Tabaqaat of the Huffadh, that al-Mizzi used to say about him: "Never did we meet except I benefited from him."
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