-Awail Al Sunbuliyyah -

Free event on 25th December, 8 PM Makkah (GMT +3)

       Online Free Maqra'a
Friday 25 December
Al-Awā'il al-Sunbūliyyah

                 🍂🍃الأوائل السنبلية🍃🍂

🏵️The famous Awa'il collection of Imam al-Sunbul al-Makki with ahadith from over 70 works & some Musalsalaat Ahadith

 💫 A Unique & Free Opportunity To Obtain a License to Transmit from Renowned Scholars:

🇸🇾 Syria

🔆 Shaykh Zakariyyah Talib al-Makki Grand Musnid of his time Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen al-Fadani. He also studied and took ijazah from many other scholars in the Holy Lands including the Shaykh of Fadani; Shaykh Ibrahim Daud al-Fathani (ra)

🇸🇾 Syria

🔆 Shaykha al-Musnida Umm Ibrahim al-Dimashqiyyah is one of the leading musnidaat of our times. She has travelled to many lands and has received Ijazah from 300+ scholars worldwide)

🇬🇧 Great Britain

🌀 Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimashqi is a renowned authority on contemporary scholars & Specialist in Hadith with Ijazah from 500+ Scholars worldwide)

Other scholars may also join TBA

Session will be for 60 minutes

⏲️New York 12:00 PM
⏰London 5:00 PM
🕰️Makkah 8:00 PM
⏲️KL 1:00 PM

💻Sessions will be held in Zoom
📩Places are limited and students who register properly can join a confirmed group. (Not the queries group)
📜 This program is for scholars and advanced students only to revise Hadith and preserve sanad. It will be in Arabic only. Ijazah of riwayah with sanad will be granted to those who attend.

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