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Ayyuhal Walad


Synopsis This concise classical text authored by the great theologian and philosopher Imam al-Ghazali [RA] offers 24 pieces of valuable counsel to students of the sacred sciences. It touches on all aspects of life, from material wealth and love of the dunya [worldly life] to adab and seeking knowledge. Imam al-Ghazali provides us with relevant quotes from the Qur'an and the Sunnah, as well poetry and logical reasoning to support his sincere advice. What’s in it for me? By the end of the course, students will learn: Internal and external acts of devotion that facilitate success for the traveler, in this life & the next. The importance of proper Aqeedah (Islamic creed) and firm adherence to the Shariah (Islamic Laws) The foundation of rectification of one's character and the purification of one's soul The importance of practicing upon the knowledge & not sufficing with knowledge itself How to cleanse our hearts and acquire good character And much more…



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