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Term 2 : Seerah & Adab Diploma Program


WHY CORDOBA ACADEMY? Cordoba Academy merges the traditional methods of inheriting and transmitting knowledge through _Isnad_, with modern technology and techniques in instruction. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? This is a unique, carefully structured, thorough program, put together with the advice of the world’s leading scholars of Prophetic Tradition and taught through English medium. Unlike other academies that prefer contemporary works and which are detached from the genuine tradition of Isnad, this program brings together some of the most essential classical works in both the specializations of the sublime Prophetic biography, and Islamic decorum/comportment. Cordoba Academy believes that it is only through truly knowing the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) will we be able to imitate him and beautify our own character with his sublime example. WHAT CAN YOU GET OUT OF IT? By the end of this program, you will have obtained an overview of the “Sublime Prophetic Way of Life” and a wholesome foundation in both the Prophetic biography and Prophetic comportment; making you more than capable of passing on the studied texts to your peers and students. Moreover, as with all courses at Cordoba Academy, you will be granted Ijazah (traditional license to narrate and teach) with full chains of narration for the texts studied, connecting you to the blessed lineage of scholars who set forward on the sacred path before you.





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