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Term 1 : Hadith Diploma Program


ABOUT THE PROGRAM What is it about? This is a unique, carefully structured, thorough program, put together with the advice of the world’s leading scholars of Prophetic Tradition and taught in English medium. Unlike other academies, that prefer contemporary works which are detached from the genuine tradition of Isnad, this program comprises the most essential classical works in the specialization of hadith across its various branches. What can you get out of it? ​By the end of this program, you will have obtained an intimate appreciation of hadith scholarship and a wholesome foundation in the Hadith Sciences; making you more than capable of passing on the studied texts to your peers and students. Moreover, as with all courses at Cordoba Academy, you will be granted Ijazah (traditional license) with full chains of narration for every text studied, connecting you to the blessed lineage of students and scholars who set foot on the sacred path before you. Who is it for? ​We encourage students to have a basic understanding of Islamic personal obligations (fard ‘ayn) before delving further into the specifics, such as the Hadith sciences, however this program will be extremely beneficial for all Muslims who want to have a solid foundation in this essential science. Students who successfully complete this program and wish to further their study may undertake the Imam Ibn Salah Advanced Diploma Program in Hadith Sciences.





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