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Al Tadhkira Ibn Al Mulaqin


Synopsis Imam Umar b. Ali / Ibn al-Mulaqin (d. 804 AH) In this concise work, the renowned Muhaddith Ibn al-Mulaqin summarises Ibn al-Salah's pivotal work in Hadith nomenclature & provides us with more than 70 categories of hadith.It serves as an intensive revision of the science before students embark on the more advanced works in this field. What's in it for me? By the end of the course, a student will be able to do the following: Understand and vocalize the nomenclature (technical terms) used by scholars of hadith. Understand and vocalize Arabic words not associated with hadith nomenclature, that occur in the text Categorize Hadith based on frequency of narration Develop the ability to disseminate knowledge associated with both types of words (technical and linguistic) Distinguish between authentic and unauthentic ahadith based on its source or its grading by scholars of Islam Resources to check the authenticity of Hadith And much more…





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