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2018 - 19

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We want to thank you for the interest you have shown in choosing to study with Cordoba Academy and would like to point out the following aspects:


  1. The course does not require that you understand Arabic as the full translation and explanation in English will be offered for each part of the text.

  2. If you are a female studying in a mixed gender online class, we appreciate that your bashfulness is a product of Islam. Therefore, you are not required to read the texts aloud to the mentor.

  3. The courses are all held online in live interaction and you will have to ensure that you attend sessions on time if you are seeking to receive Ijazah/certification for these classes. Any tardiness or absence will have to be made up privately with the course mentor which is chargeable at the rate of $25 per hour.




  • To observe Islamic ethics towards mentors and fellow students.

  • To have a basic grasp of IT programs such as Word, PDF & Emails.

  • To be fully committed to the course and punctual in attendance throughout.

  • Should you have any queries about the program you may email us at


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AUG 25TH – OCT 14TH 2018

Introduction to Principles of Hadith Terminology

(Al-Mandhoomah al-Bayquniyyah)


Preservation & Authority of the Sunnah

(Al-Badr al-Muneer of Imam Ibn al-Mulaqin al-Shafi)


Tradition of Isnaad in Hadith Works

(Al-Awa’il al-Sunbuliyah)

Etiquettes for the Student of Hadith

(Al-Rihla fi-Talab al-Hadith (Journey for Seeking Hadith)

OCT 27TH – DEC 16TH 2018

Fundamentals of Hadith

(Imam al-Nawawi’s 40 Essential Hadith)


The Sanctity of Hadith & Its Bearers

(Sharaf Ashaab al-Hadith of al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi)


Principles of Hadith

(Al-Tazkirah of Ibn al-Mulaqin’s on the Principles of Hadith)


High Chains of Narration

(Thuluthiyaat of Imam al-Bukhari & Imam al-Darimi)

FEB 16TH – APR 21ST 2019

Critical Analysis of the Principles of Hadith

(al-Mowqidha vs Nukhbat al-Fikar)


Methodology of the Muhaditheen

(Imam Muslim’s Introduction to his Sahih)


Bibliography of Famous Hadith works

(Al-Risalah al-Mustatrafah of Imam Mohammed b. Jafar al-Kettani)


General Advice to the Student of Hadith

(Nasiha Ahl al-Hadith of Imam al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi)

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