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Mon, 20 Jul



Maqra'a (Hadith Majlis) : Riyad Al Saliheen

"Do you know what beneficial knowledge is?... Therefore my brother, reflect on the Book of Allah and read regularly the Sahihayn, Sunan al-Nasai, Riyadh al-Saliheen & Adhkar of al-Nawawi and you will live and succeed." (Imam al-Dhahabi: Siyar: 19:340)

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Maqra'a (Hadith Majlis) : Riyad Al Saliheen
Maqra'a (Hadith Majlis) : Riyad Al Saliheen

Time & Location

20 Jul 2020, 03:00 GMT+3


About The Event

                                                                                                                                                                       ﺑِﺴْﻢِ ﺍﻟﻠﻪِ ﺍﻟﺮَّﺣْﻤَﻦِ ِﺍﻟﺮَّﺣِﻴْـــــﻢ




✨Cordoba Academy✨ 

 The Preeminent Academy

 For Sanad Revival Worldwide  

 is honoured to present:

 MAQRA’ | Hadith Recital


📕 Riyadh al-Saliheen

                                                                                                                                           💫 رياض الصالحين من كلام سيد المرسلين 💫 

📚 Inc. Imam al-Nawawi's Short Texts: Usool wa Dawabit & Wujoob Takhmees al-Ghaneemah

The complete works will be covered under the supervision of the Noble Scholars:        

🇮🇩 Indonesia

🔆 Shaykh al-Faqih Mohammad al-Qudsi al-Suyuti. (Senior 85+ year old Shafi scholar and musnid who narrates through unique Indonesian chains)

🇸🇩 Sudan

🔆 Shaykh al-Muhaddith Dr Umar Masallati al-Qurashi (Senior Sudanese Muhaddith & Student of numerous Muhaditheen including Muhammad Fadhil At Taqlawi, Abdullah al-Ghumari & Habibur Rahman al-Azami)

🇬🇧 Great Britain

🔆 Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimashqi (Renowned authority on contemporary scholars & Specialist in Hadith with Ijazah from 500+ Scholars worldwide)



Starts on 20 July and continues daily until July 30.


🕙NY 8:00pm - 9:30pm

🕙LON 1:00am -2:30am

🕕MAK 3:00am - 4:30am

🕗KL 8:00am -9:30am

🕗SYD 10:00 -11:30am


💵 Contribution: 

$55 US | £45 UK

🏵️ Riwayah Club 

$44 US / £35 UK

(Ends July 12)*

*(For those attending Sahih Muslim)


Join the dedicated Whatsapp group for more info.

📌 Deadline for registration July 17, 2020.

📜 This program is for scholars and advanced students only to revise Hadith and preserve sanad. It will be in Arabic only. Ijazah of riwayah with sanad will be granted to those who attend regularly.







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