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Sat, 27 Jul



Musnad Imam al-Shafi' (رحمه الله) & other works

Majlis Qira'a wa Sama'a (Online live from UK)

Musnad Imam al-Shafi' (رحمه الله) & other works
Musnad Imam al-Shafi' (رحمه الله) & other works

Time & Location

27 Jul 2019, 16:00 – 28 Jul 2019, 23:00

London, London, UK

About The Event

What was said about it:

Musnad of Imam al-Shafi' is organised under Fiqh headings and was compiled by the renowned Muhaddith Mohammed ibn Yaqub al-Assum based on the narrations of his teacher Imam Rabi b. Sulaiman al-Muradi, senior student of Imam al-Shafi' narrating from him.

Under the Supervision of:

Al-Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimashqi known East & West for his prolific travels & as a pioneer for sanad revival worldwide. He has dedicated his life to seeking Hadith at the feet of Muhaditheen and over the past 18 years has read with and received Ijazah (authorisation) from over 500 senior scholars globally with the aim of combining both in-depth study of classical texts with the highest chains of narration in existence.

His unparalleled devotion to sanad preservation has earned him recognition even amongst Arab nations where he is invited to teach Hadith to fellow students and scholars alike. 

For this programme, he has been invited to London


🗓 Date & Time: July 27 - 28  (Makkah times)

▪ Saturday 27 July

       Afternoon Session

             4 - 7:30 pm

      Musnad al-Shafi (ra)

       Evening Session

             7:45 - 11 pm

      Musnad al-Shafi (ra)*

▪ Sunday 28 July

      Afternoon Session

             4 - 7:30 pm

      Imam al-Maqdisi's 

       Umdat al-Ahkaam 

       Evening Session

             7:45 - 11 pm

      Imam al-Nawawi's 

       al-Tibyaan Fi Adab 

        Hamalatil Quran

*An extra session may be added to complete this work if needed.

🕌There will be breaks for salah times in the UK during the reading.

Fee $60 both days or $35 for one

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