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International Sunnah Competition 2021

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Competiotion Objectives
Methodology Of The Competition
Coditions For Participation
Competition Organizers
Prizs & Awars
Platform For The Event
About The Program
About The Program

“May his face be beautified who hears from us a tradition and preserves it until he passes it on. Indeed, it may be that a person carries knowledge to one who is more knowledgeable than he, and it may be that the carrier of the knowledge does not have an understanding of it.”

[Ahmed, Abi Dawud, al-Tirmidhi]

The Sublime Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ is the second source of Islamic legislation, after the Holy Qur’an. There is no doubt that its preservation is one of the highest and most rewarding Islamic deeds. Throughout the centuries it has been preserved by the greatest scholars of this Ummah in its pristine form to the modern era, through various methods which include its memorisation, auditory transmission, learning and teaching. In seeking to preserve the tradition and motivate the youth, the world-renowned provider of Prophetic tradition, Cordoba Academy, has undertaken to conduct this exciting and unique global competition open to all Muslims worldwide.

Competition Objectives

  1. To establish the importance of the Sunnah and its preservation to the youth;

  2. To stir and kindle love in the hearts for the most Sublime ﷺ;

  3. Encourage the preservation and proper understanding of the Hadith tradition;

  4. To encourage wholesome competition between the Muslim youth; and,

  5. To provide an opportunity for the youth to invest their time in that which will benefit them in their religion and character-building.

Methodology of the Competition

The competition will focus on two renowned works:

1. The 40 Ahadith of Imam al-Nawawi

2. The Ode of Imam al-Bayquni

For the 40 Ahadith of Imam al-Nawawi, participants will be judged based on the following factors:

  • Their memorisation of the Hadith wording;

  • The biography of Imam al-Nawawi;

  • Their knowledge of where the ahadith are found in primary collections;

  • Their knowledge of the authenticity of the hadith; and,

  • Their understanding of the hadith and its contents.

For the Ode of Imam al-Bayquni, participants will be awarded points based on the following factors:

a) Their memorisation of the Ode
b) Their knowledge of Imam al-Bayquni’s biography
c) Their knowledge of the various Hadith categories

Conditions for participation

The following rules apply to all participants:


  • Participants must meet the age requirements for their division;

  • Participants must complete the competition admission formalities;

  • Participants must be able to communicate in the English language; and,

  • Participants must respect all fellow competitors and teachers.

Platform for the Competition

Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, the competition will be held online via Zoom.


Prizes and Awards

Division 1: Participants in both the 40 Hadith Al-Nawawi and Ode of Imam al-Bayquni

Age: Above 18

1st Prize:    $275
2nd Prize:   $135


Age: Below 18

1st Prize:    $275
2nd Prize:   $135
3rd Prize:    $70

Division 2:   Participants in the 40 Ahadith only.
Age range: Above 18

1st Prize:     $225
2nd Prize:    $110

Age range: Below 18

1st Prize:     $225
2nd Prize:    $110


We would like every participant in this competition to be a winner and we will be awarding a certificate of participation with sanad for all the successful participants.


Competition Organisers
This competition is being conducted under the auspices of Cordoba Academy, the pre-eminent provider and preserver of Prophetic Tradition worldwide.

Competition Management

The competition will be supervised by numerous scholars worldwide, headed by Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimashqi (may Allah preserve him).

Prizes & Awards Sponsor
All prizes and award expenses will be met solely by the private fund of Cordoba Academy. Should anyone be interested in co-sponsoring this or future competitions they may email

Competition Mangement

❓Sunnah Competition FAQ❓

Please read the following related FAQs

Q1) Can everyone participate?

A) Anyone can participate as long as they register before September 11, 2021. There will be separate sessions for males and females.

Q2) When will the competition be held?

A) The preliminary round will be held on September 18. The final round will be the following week on September 26, 2021.

Q3) Where will the competition be held?

A) Due to covid 19, we have decided that the entire program will be online via Zoom conference technology.

Q4) Why is the competition being held in this period?

A) During this period many countries have a lengthy summer holiday. This offers an ideal opportunity for everyone to memorise and study hadith.

Q5) What hadith works are participants being tested upon?

A) The 2 works are two of the most important hadith primers in the world. The 40 Hadith of Imam al-Nawawi and the Ode of Imam al-Bayquni.

Q6) I don't think my child can memorise and prepare for both hadith works. Can they enter for one of the two works only?

A) Yes, there are 2 divisions in the competition. The first for those who want to test for both texts, the second for those who want to test for the 40 Hadith only.

Q7) Why is there a registration fee of $15?

A) This will help to cover admin costs and also serve as a filter to ensure only genuine participants apply.

Q8) What else do we get if we register?

A) Everyone who registers will receive free access to the full recordings for both amazing courses taught by Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel over 40 hours.

Q9) I have registered and paid my registration fee what happens next?

A) You will receive an email from CA enclosed with a link to join a dedicated WhatsApp group for participants. The recordings and competition materials will be posted there as well all competition announcements.

Q10) Is this the first online competition CA is arranging?

A) Yes, however in the near future we intend to offer more competitions.

Q11) Who is sponsoring the prize fund?

A) All prizes and award expenses will be met solely by the private fund of Cordoba Academy. Should you be interested in co-sponsoring this or future competitions you may email for details

Q12) Do I have to read loudly in front of other participants?

A) Yes, this will be required to test your ability and there are separate sessions for males and females.

Q13) What is required to access the zoom platform?

A) You can access zoom through any laptop or cell phone, but make sure you have a microphone and camera ready to participate.

Q14) Why do we need to have a camera?

A) The judges need to ensure that participants are answering from memory, not a book.

Q15) I don't feel comfortable using a camera because I am bashful / I wear a veil. Is it a must?

A) It is a must for you to use the camera, however we appreciate your feelings and for this reason, there will be female judges.

Q16) My children and I would like like have further study of hadith. Do you offer any courses in English?

A) Yes, we have taught scores of classical texts with explanation in English and Arabic many of which are recorded. We are currently offering courses in seerah (prophetic biography) and adab (decorum) and you may find more info about it here:

Q17) How do I join the zoom meeting for the competition?

Please view the clip below to help with using zoom.


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