Methodology of the Muhaditheen

Imam Muslim's Introduction to his Sahih


Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimashqi

(Renowned authority on contemporary scholars & specialist in Hadith with Ijazah from 500+ Scholars

worldwide & and has completed this work with many scholars worldwide)

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✒ Course Mentor

Al-Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimishqi the renowned hadith researcher following in the footsteps of the great scholars of hadith, has established his reputation as one of the most widely-travelled hadith specialists in the world today, travelling unrelentingly to preserve the sanad system of Hadith scholarship and in pursuit of excellence in the field of Hadith.

He has dedicated his life to seeking Hadith at the feet of Muhaditheen and over the past 17 years has read with and received Ijazah (authorisation) from over 500 senior scholars globally with the aim of combining both in-depth study of classical texts with the highest chains of narration in existence.

His unparalleled devotion to sanad preservation has earned him recognition even amongst Arab nations where he is invited to teach Hadith to fellow students and scholars alike. 
📗 Methodology of the Muhaditheen

Imam Muslim’s Introduction (Muqadimmah) to his Sahih

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⏳(complete work over 10 hours)
📆 March 20
🗓Sun (2hrs weekly)
🕰3:00 to 5:00 PM (Makkah)



Al-Musnad al-Sahih or Sahih MuslimThe Authentic Collection of Imam MuslimSynopsisMuslim scholars past and present have collectively agreed that the Hadith compilation of Imam Muslim is the second most authentic book in Hadith Sciences after the collection of his teacher Imam al-Bukhari. For the last 12 centuries, it has received wide acclaim from leading scholars around the Muslim world, some of whom even preferred it to the Sahih collection of Imam al-Bukhari.Sahih Muslim is a collection of 3033 Ahadith (Prophetic traditions) indexed in accordance with their jurisprudential benefit and dealing with issues such as creed, rulings, ethics, and Islamic manners. Imam Muslim spent over 15 labourious years collecting, verifying and compiling Hadith, throughout which time he studied over 300,000 Hadith from over 220 scholars in seven countries. This compilation does not include every authentic Hadith that Imam Muslim knew, but as he himself put it, “Only those authentic Hadith have I put, that have been unanimously agreed upon.”Due to its continued importance, there have been numerous exegeses written in dedication to its explanation, the most famous being that of the great Shafi scholar Imam Yahya ibn Sharafuddin al-Nawawi al-Dimishqi.


What’s in it for me?

By the end of the course, a student will be able to do the following:


• Learn how Imam Muslim analysed, critiqued and compiled his collection

• Become familiar with the lives of Imam Muslim and his contemporaries

• Learn the most important and authentic Hadith related to a Muslim’s life

• Learn about the lives of the Sahabah and the prolific Hadith narrators

• Expand your receptive vocabulary by learning commonly used Arabic words

• Learn how scholars analyse, recognize and extract vital rulings from HadithAnd much more…


Student requisites

Students must be able to:

• proficiently read Arabic

• demonstrate understanding of the text

• dedicate 5-6 hours per week

• use PDF and Word files

• attend classes punctually


Materials provided

Arabic text of Sahih Muslim with full tashkeel (Arabic Vowels) in Complete English translation of Arabic text

Supplementary materials related to the Science

Full written commentary in Arabic



As this course is being taught part-time, it will require a minimum 8 modules to cover the contents of the text based on 2 classes a week. For student flexibility, the modules have been divided in to 8 eight-week terms that are taught at different times throughout the year. We understand that some students may want to study the text more intensively and are able arrange for this providing we have enough willing participants. If you are interested in studying this course and would like to know course dates, please register your interest by filling out the form at admissions.Upon completionThis is an Ijazah course and students who understand the principles covered in the text will be honored with a written Ijazah granting permission to impart this sacred text unto others.

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