Imam Ibn Rajab's Sharh 'Ilal al-Tirmidhi


Imam Ibn Rajab's Sharh 'Ilal al-Tirmidhi Advanced Course is for Students who can:


▶Understand Arabic


▶Have studied to intermediate level Mustalah Hadith


▶Can attend most lessons on Sundays 6 AM Makkah Time


▶Are willing to commit to 6 to 8 months plus of study ( January to August) 


Brief biography of the teacher of this program, Shaykh Hassan Haydar al Wa'ili, they can consult the following to get a glimpse of the calibre of this great Imaam. A senior student at CA has based it on the observations of Shaykh Mohammed Daniel and a few other resources online:


"The great Muhadith, Faqih, Haafidh and Zaahid, Al Shaykh Hassan bin Muhammad bin Haydar al Wa’ili was born in Yemen in the year 1956 and began seeking knowledge from an early age. By the age of 7, he had memorised the Qur’an, Qatr  al-Nadaa and several other basic primers and went on to study with great luminaries such as Al Hafidh Muhammad bin Abdullah al Duwaysh, Subhi Jasim al Saamura’i, Badi’ul Din al Sindhi, Al Albani, and Ibn Baaz among others. He completed his phd in Imaan University, San'aa, and has been teaching as a senior professor for approximately 25 years. He specialises in Hadith and is celebrated as one of the world's leading authorities in the sciences of Hadith with a particular depth of knowledge in 'Ilal al-Hadith and Ilm al-Rijaal. He is also regarded by experts as one of the world’s most learned teacher's and scholar of the Sunan of Imam Al Tirmidhi which he has been teaching for the last 35 years. 


He has authored _Nuzhatul Albaab fima yaqulul Tirmidhi fil Baab_, a unique and extremely beneficial book commenting on the chapter titles of Imam Al Tirmidhi. It has been published in 6 volumes. He is presently completing his own commentary of al-Tirmidhi's Sunan which has exceeded 20 volumes in size now. His intimate knowledge of Sunan al-Tirmidhi has earnt him a unique position amongst even the leading Hadith scholars such as the well known Hadith Muhaqqiq, Dr. Bashar Awaad Ma'ruf who consulted him regarding his own work on Imam Al Tirmidhi's Sunan. 


Furthermore, he has a authored a number of other works as well such as his commentary of Imam Al Suyuti’s large book on Ulumul Hadith, Tadreeb al-Raawi. 


The particularly unique feature of Shaykh Hassan Haydar is the prodigal memory he possesses. He is known to have memorised the entirety of Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Sahih Muslim, Bulugh al-Maraam, Alfiyyat al-Iraqi and other works and he has memorised thousands of chains of hadith along with the biographies of the narrators in these chains in extensive detail. His profound ability to recall asaneed and mutun of Hadith lead Shaykh Abdul Majeed al Zindani, the vice chancellor of Imaan University in San'aa, to describe Shaykh Hassan’s memory as “A miracle (Mu’jizah) of Allah.” Similarly, Shaykh Mohammed Daniel, a teacher of Hadith who has travelled extensively worldwide and has met several hundred Muhadithin of our era told me, “I have not seen anyone’s hifdh of mutoun, asaneed and rijaal like him in the true sense of being a Haafidh.” Surprised, I asked Shaykh Mohammad on whether he maintains this despite having studied extensively with the likes of Shaykhs Yunus Jawnfuri, Shu’ayb al-Arna’ut, Dr Nur al-Din Itr, Dr Ahmad Ma’bad and others and he affirmed this stance.


Aside from possessing a natural gift in memorisation, he is a tireless researcher whose time is mostly spent reading and researching. Shaykh Mohammad Daniel, who hosted Shaykh Hassan Haydar in his house for a few weeks, observed that Shaykh would study and read for approximately 18 hours every day and that no minute would go by while commuting or waiting, except that is tongue was engaged in reading the Quran or revising hadith.


He is also a man of great piety and the signs of Zuhd and Taqwa are evident in his life and manifest in the long hours of Tahajjud, focused attention to reciting the Qur’an, distance from wordly things, and contentment with little."


Fee: $240 paid in installments of $40 per Month for six months

Email to register and more details.

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