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Al-Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimishqi the renowned hadith researcher following in the footsteps of the great scholars of hadith, has established his reputation as one of the most widely-travelled hadith specialists in the world today, travelling unrelentingly to preserve the sanad system of Hadith scholarship and in pursuit of excellence in the field of Hadith.

He has dedicated his life to seeking Hadith at the feet of Muhaditheen and over the past 17 years has read with and received Ijazah (authorisation) from over 500 senior scholars globally with the aim of combining both in-depth study of classical texts with the highest chains of narration in existence.

His unparalleled devotion to sanad preservation has earned him recognition even amongst Arab nations where he is invited to teach Hadith to fellow students and scholars alike. 


Arbaoon Al-Ajlouniyah 

Hadith from 40 distinct works of classical scholarship

(Complete work over 8 hours)



Saturdays  |  Duration : 2 Hrs • 4:30 pm (MAKKAH TIME)



About the work


Iqd al-Jawhar al-Thameen fi Arba'een Hadith min Ahadith Sayyid al-Mursaleen

The Necklace of Precious Stone containing 40 traditions of the Chief of Apostles
This work by the great Hadith Scholar of the Levant Shaikh Ismail al-Ajlouni is a compilation of first hadith garnered from 40 distinct works of classical scholarship from the Sahih of Imam al Bukhari to al-Shifa of Qadhi Iyadh and many others. It serves to connect the student of hadith through the license of their teachers to Imam al Ajlouni and back through his chains to the authors of these works.
In this course, Shaykh Mohammed Daniel who has studied this work and holds the highest combined chains worldwide, will teach the forty hadith discussing the qualities of the chains and text. He will then grant license (Ijazah) to those who prove their understanding of the work.


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