Imam al-Laknawi's Al-Rafa wa-Takmeel




         Imam al-Laknawi's

       Al-Rafa wa-Takmeel


   The Muhaddith of Yemen

      al-Hafidh al-Shaykh

  Dr Hassan Haydar al-Wa'ili


One of the few remaining grandmasters of this subject alive today


Starting 1 December '19 then every Saturday & Sunday for one hour @ 13:30-14:30 Makkah Time


Duration: 3-4 months



🔹1:30 pm Makkah

🔹10:30 am UK

🔹5:30 am NY

🔹6:30 pm KL


Check your timezone here:


Cost: 40 USD per month


About the book:


A pivotal work within the syllabus of every Dars Nizami  advanced hadith specialisation program worldwide.


Imam al-Laknawi (ra) aims to give the reader an in depth, yet concise overview of the various topics of Jarh wa Ta'deel, ranging from how and why to conduct disparagement to the methodologies followed by Imam Ibn Hibban (ra) and Imam Ibn Adiyy (ra) in their works of narrator criticism. After a thorough understanding of this text, a student will be able to navigate through the large, encyclopedic works on narrators such as "Tahdheeb al-Kamal," "Meezan al-I'tidaal" and "al-Tareekh al-Kabeer" whilst being able to identify valid criticims from the unsubstantiated, extreme critics from those who are lax and reconciling conflicting reports of Ta'deel and Jarh found on a single narrator. 


Cordoba Academy are privileged to bring this exclusive opportunity to our more advanced students.



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