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Sacred Path Retreat 2024

May 25 - June 1

This exclusive 8 day retreat offers you the wonderful opportunity to combine intensive study, the company of genuine scholarship, Islamic sightseeing and wholesome leisure in a truly remarkable experience.

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Step 1 - Make sure you have filled out the Admission Form

Step 2 - Email it to with CC to

Step 3 - Pay the application fee and await approval through email.

N.B. Places are very limited and will be given on first-come first-serve basis so apply ASAP to avoid disappointment


General FAQ

Why has Cordoba Academy decided to conduct a retreat?

This is not our first retreat, rather Cordoba Academy has been conducting retreats worldwide for well over 10 years now in various  cities of the world.

Why has CA chosen this country for the retreat?

CA has conducted retreats in many countries worldwide including Morocco, Malaysia, South Africa, Kuwait and India. Uzbekistan is the land of great hadith scholars and sages and deserves to be visited. Students of knowledge will be brought into direct unlaboured contact with traditional scholars who have studied at the feet of and inherited prophetic knowledge and decorum from scholars worldwide.

Why should I attend a retreat with CA?

For those who have not attended before, our retreats are unique, because we don't just do sightseeing, rather students get a chance to learn and revise Islamic knowledge and combine that with elements of riwayah. We have already been to Uzbekistan and laid the foundation for what will be a truly remarkable journey.


Payment FAQ

What is the cost of the retreat?

The price for the complete journey that will cover the 6 cities of Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Termez, Shahrisabz, & Sherabad will be $1199 US dollars. An earlybird discount of $150 is available until February 25, 2024, making the price $1049.


Important Message


Three weeks left before the earlybird closes. To be eligible for it, you must make at least one installment before February 25, 2023.


Why does CA offer the earlybird?


Students who pay fees ahead of time, enable our Uzbek partner to negotiate and book accomodation at a better rate.


In addition to this, the local flights and train tickets usually get much more expensive so booking early saves money. That saving we can pass on to you meaning that you only need to pay $1049 (£825) instead of $1199 (£940).

What is $1049 US in my currency?

As per the exchange rate today (27.1.24) it is:





For other currencies visit and choose your currency to exchange.


Does the fee include international airfares?

No, it does not include airfare to Uzbekistan as we have students joining from around the world. Please check the airfares from your city. The fee covers all in-country transport including pick-up from Tashkent Intl Airport on 25 May 2024, comfortable accommodation in 3/4* hotels, class materials, all entrance fees for museums/sightseeing, one meal per day and finally drop-off to the airport for return.


I cannot afford to pay the fee in one lump sum can you offer a payment plan?

Yes, the payment can be made in 3 installments. See the admission form for more details.


Other academies charge thousands of dollars for study retreats, how is it that yours is so cheap?

Cordoba Academy is a non-profit organization that has been set up by students of knowledge, for students of knowledge; and we are well aware of the financial difficulties that students treading this sacred path encounter. For this reason, we have tried our best to make the trip as affordable as possible without compromising on comfort.

Airfare Related

Airfare Related FAQs

What is the exact date that I should arrive in Uzbekistan?

The retreat will officially start on Saturday 25th May 2024 in Tashkent and a free airport pick up will be arranged at 1 PM from Tashkent Airport.

If you fly into another airport or choose to come a day earlier/later you will have to incur the costs involved, however we can advise and facilitate as much as possible.


Which cities have direct flights?

There are regular flights from Kuala Lumpur, New York, Frankfurt, London, Istanbul, Delhi, Tokyo, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and many cities in China and Russia.


I live in Texas and can't find any direct flights. What can I do?

US airlines do not fly to Uzbekistan and the only direct flight from the USA is from New York with Uzbekistan Air. Most students who attended last year flew with Turkish Airlines or Emirates.


I found the direct flights from the US & Europe are quite expensive. Do you have any advice?

To save hundreds of dollars, it's better to get a cheap flight to Istanbul, Ankara, Abu Dhabi or Dubai were there are low cost carriers like Wizz Air & FlyDubai. Wizz Air tickets are less than £300 return (London) if booked now. The only down side is you may have a long wait between flights, which you could use to explore Istanbul or the UAE.


Which website do you recommend to find best fares?

The best websites are &, but Google flights can be useful too.


Should I buy my ticket now or do they become cheaper later?

Usually, as the plane fills up the fares will go higher so it is best to book soon if you are accepted onto the program.

Do I need a visa to enter Uzbekistan?

Students holding an EU/UK/AU/NZ/CAN passport as well from Malaysia, Singapore and  Indonesia do not require one and will receive entry on arrival.

I am not from any of the above countries. Where can I check if I need a visa?

You may be able to get an E-Visa. Please check on the official website

Can you provide me with a letter of invitation (LOI) as I cannot get a visa on arrival.

Our local partner can provide this, however there is an admin fee.


I am a US citizen, do I get a visa on arrival?

Currently, you would need to apply via the Uzbek Immigration website for a visa.

Visa Related

Visa Related FAQs

Covid & Vaccine FAQs

Do I need any vaccine proof, PCR or Antigen test or any other vaccine?

Presently no vaccine or test is required to enter Uzbekistan


How will the weather be during the retreat?

The weather will be warm between 22 to 32 degrees depending on the city.

Is Uzbekistan a safe place to visit?

It is one of the safest places in the world with a very low crime rate.

How many people will be in a room?

There are usually 2 people per room.


I would like to have my own room.

A This is possible, but there is a single supplement chargeable which is usually $100.

Can I know the names of the hotels now?

Our local partners have told us that the hotels are either 3 or 4 stars. The hotel in Tashkent is the Daniel Hill Hotel.

Accomdation Related

Weather & Safety Related FAQs

Accomodation Related FAQs

Who are the attending scholars?

The attending scholars who will be teaching and accessible to students throughout the sacred journey will be:

🇵🇰 al-Shaykh al-Murabi Yaqub Hammad (Pakistan)
🇧🇷 al-Shaykh al-Musnid al-Muhaddith Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir (Brazil)
🇬🇧 al-Shaykh al-Mufti Umayr ibn Zulfiqar (UK)
🇸🇾 al-Shaykha al-Musnida Umm Ibrahim al-Dimishqiyyah (Syria)

Attending Scholars

Attending Scholars

What are the exact dates of the program?

We will be starting on May 25 and concluding on June 1, 2024. If students would like to arrive earlier or depart later, then they will have to cover their own expenses for that period.

Exact Dates of Journey

Exact Dates of Journey

Will there be recitals of hadith works during the journey?

Most definitely as we have always done in the past. Our students in the Morocco journey were honoured to read & take Ijazah from the Grand Musnid Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Kettani, Shaykh Hamad al-Siqqali, Shaykh Dr Idris b. Muhammad Jafar al-Kettani and many others. The same occurred in Malaysia and elsewhere. However, due to time restraints, we will read short works.


Riwayah Element

Will there be any classes with explanation?

Yes, again this is something that we have done in previous retreats and we will continue. There will be 2 to 3 hours of study in a variety of Islamic subjects daily.

Dirayah Element

Riwayah Element  

Dirayah Element

Study Related

Would it be possible to obtain ijazah in short works of hadith/fiqh etc?
There will be ample opportunity to read works for the purpose of riwayah with the scholars. The main focus will be the works of Imam al-Darimi, al-Bukhari, al-Tirmidhi and scholars of this land.
What materials would you recommend we bring for studying?

A notepad and pen should suffice. A laptop or mobile phone would be useful to follow the PDF texts provided.
Is it safe to bring laptops/tablets?

The country is very safe and theft is not common.
Should we bring any books with us?

We recommend you bring a pocket Quran or hadith work to read in spare time. Carrying books can be cumbersome and expensive so we don't expect it.
Do students have curfew, or are they allowed to explore the area once the organized plans for the day are over?

All students are grown up and mature. They are free to participate in any halal activity outside of the lessons, however CA bears no responsibility for their transport.

Can you please provide a sample daily schedule?
The schedule cannot be set in stone as it may vary due to train/plane timetable, however in the past we have usually followed this timetable:

4:45 am Fajr Prayer
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Lessons
1:00 pm Dhuhr


4:45 pm Asar
5 -8 pm Group Visits

This schedule means lessons are done while the brain is fresh, and visits are made while the climate is milder.

Study Related

Get in touch with us:

📞WhatsApp : +1 (313) 351-5199



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