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About Us


Cordoba Academy is the preeminent seat of learning worldwide for the instruction of the Sacred Islamic Sciences, merging traditional methods of inheriting knowledge through Isnaad with imparting knowledge using modern technology and techniques in instruction.

It is a non-profit organization that is not affiliated to any government, political party or sect. It offers both onsite and online courses for both genders from various backgrounds and levels of Islamic knowledge.

It is our belief that it is only by returning to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ that we will be able to restore the Ummah (nation) to its previous glory and civilization, which was exhibited by great seats of learning such as Cordoba in Andalusia. (Islamic Spain)

As the second Caliph, Umar al-Farooq said:

"We were the most despised of people. Allah gave us respect through Islam, so if we seek respect through ways other than how Allah granted it to us, then Allah will surely humiliate us!"

This was reiterated by Imam Malik when he said:

"The affairs of the latter part of this nation can never be corrected except by that which corrected the affairs of the earlier generations from this nation."

We ask Allah to give us the ability to continue serving the educational needs of Muslims worldwide.



Studies at the Academy are conducted either onsite or by web conferencing technology that allows for interaction between the students and scholars. This allows students to seek knowledge from the comfort of their home, thus facilitating the acquisition of the Sacred Sciences at a time and place suitable to them.

The founders of Cordoba Academy strongly believe that true Islamic understanding and scholarship does not come without a student’s exposure to and preferably memorization of- classical Islamic texts (Mutoun).

For this reason, Cordoba Academy focuses its teaching on these traditional texts with the following benefits:

  • Classical texts have been authored by illustrious, erudite scholars and leading experts in their field of knowledge. Muslim scholars of both past and present are unanimous in accepting these texts as primary sources of information in their respective fields.


  • They provide an abundance of knowledge in a scarcity of words. This means that your precious time is used more effectively and efficiently.


  • You are consistently exposed to classical Arabic within context, so your persistent listening and reading over time will help you to improve your comprehension and fluency.


  • Every text is a milestone on the path of knowledge, so every time you complete a text, you feel a great sense of achievement that is uncommon in other modes of learning.


  • Upon successful completion of the text, you inherit an authentic Ijazah linking you to some of the greatest scholars in the Islamic Sciences.



Non-discrimination pledge

Cordoba Academy enforces a strict policy of non-discrimination and grants admission to all students of knowledge irrespective of colour, race, nationality or gender. All students and teachers are treated equally and are afforded the same privileges and rights, whether beginning their first course or continuing at Cordoba Academy.

Student of knowledge pledge

Cordoba Academy has been set up with the goal not only of imparting knowledge but also of giving students practical advice on implementing this knowledge. We strive to ensure that students are confident and proficient in all of the courses they undertake with us. For this reason, after students successfully complete a course, they are given one full year in which they are able to retake the course absolutely free. This is so that they may reinforce the knowledge they have gained and rekindle the zeal to inculcate and impart this knowledge to others.

Satisfaction pledge

We are confident that you will not only benefit from, but also thoroughly enjoy our courses inshAllah. If you are not satisfied with a course, we promise to credit you with the fees so that you can take another course with us.



Cordoba Academy has based its curriculum on the classical Islamic texts known as mutoun (summaries of disciplines), all of which are masterpieces authored by traditional Islamic luminaries such as Imam al-Bukhari, Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani, Imam al-Suyuti and others. These texts are explained at the hands of highly experienced scholars and educators who have in turn studied them with seniors scholars who took from their scholars all the way back with an unbroken chain of narration to the authors of the texts.

Some of the features of the curriculum are:

  • A complete learning system that is both authentic and structured, leaving the student with a wholesome experience of learning not usually found by self-study.

  • A series of well developed study materials for each of the subjects taught, including: pre-recorded readings of the Arabic text, comprehension check tests and study assignments. This ensures that students continually assess their understanding, gaining optimum benefit.

  • An electronic library containing not only the books taught by Cordoba Academy, but also a wide variety of books in that science, in order to create a spirit of independent learning and research - skills that true students of knowledge will cherish for the rest of their lives.

  • A platform for students to discuss and interact with other students of knowledge and trouble-free access to scholars regarding the subject matter during and after classes.

The academy aims to provide courses covering classical Islamic texts (mutoun) in the following fields of Islamic Sciences: Tafseer, Tajweed, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah, Dawah, Inheritence and Arabic language.



Ummah Focus

We treat you as we would like to be treated. This means that we listen to you and are responsive to your needs by providing a service unlike any other, thus making sure that we provide you with sound solutions and an outstanding service, leaving you no choice, but to think of us for all your Islamic educational needs.


We strive to be sincere and frank in our instruction of the Islamic Sciences as we understand that this is the greatest amanah (trust) of the Ummah. We do not seek to gain popularity through the teaching of an apologetic or diluted form of Islam or creed.


We realize that we live in times of innovation and deviance and that the best way to remain on the ‘Straight Path’ is to return to and hold fast to the guidance of the Quran and the Prophet (peace be upon him), as demonstrated by the three best (first) generations of this Ummah.


Islam is truly the religion of ‘Salam’ (peace), which forms one of the roots of the word ‘Islam’, and to this end, we strive to put an end the bigotry of certain sects in the Muslim Ummah who hurl abuse and condemnation on other Muslims simply because they do not follow their school of thought or methodology. We neither agree with those who staunchly follow ‘schools of thought’ nor with those who completely discount this unique tradition in Islam; we choose to take the ‘middle path’.


We are not affiliated to any contemporary sect of Islam; instead, we follow the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved master, the Prophet Mohammed (SAW). We believe that the Ummah is more in need of unity against its common enemies than it is of in-fighting over issues such as whether one’s hands need to be below or above the navel during prayer.



We not only commit to begin the task, but to follow through and complete it in an excellent manner. ‘Expectations’ We don’t just ‘meet’ them, we exceed them.

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