Shaykh Mohammed Daniel (UK)

Shaykh Mohammed Daniel Muhajir al-Dimishqi hails from Great Britain, but found his spiritual home in Damascus, Syria were he migrated to in pursuit of the Sacred Sciences. Up until recently, he had been working in Kuwait as a consultant to the Director of Public Affairs at the Kuwait Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs as well as at numerous other organizations, but resigned in order to provide full-time humanitarian support to Syrian refugees fleeing to Turkey and is now in the process of relocating there.

His strong desire to learn the ‘beneficial’ knowledge as described by the Prophet Muhammad (alayhis salam) coupled with his belief that one should gain from all scholars of Sunnah irrespective of their Islamic partisanship, has allowed him to study under many of the world’s leading scholars in their respective fields of Islamic Sciences thus providing him with the cream of Islamic scholarship and affording him with qualities of tolerance and respect towards others as witnessed by his students and peers.

Throughout his years of studying Islam predominately in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as his journeys in search of knowledge to over 40 countries he has had the immense privilege of meeting, studying and receiving personal recognition and authorization (Ijazah) from hundreds of scholars worldwide in scores of classical works that include Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Mantiq, Usool, Falak from scholars in Hijaz, Yemen, Greater Syria, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, and various other countries.

During the years that he studied in Damascus, he was fortunate to study at both of the most famous seats of learning, Mahad Abu Nour and Mahad Fath al-Islami where he read in Azhar University Masters Degree Program. In his second term at Mahad Fath al-Islami he was requested to teach Islamic studies to postgraduate students in the faculty of Islamic Studies in International Languages, something he gladly took on while simultaneously studying at the Mahad and personally at the hands of renowned scholars.

As a scholar of Islam, his particular research interests are in the Hadith Sciences, Comparative Religion and Qur’anic Exegesis and Imam Daniel is well known as a staunch proponent of traditional methods in acquiring the Sacred Sciences. By the permission of Allah, it was Shaykh Mohammed Daniel who with the support of his wife, founded Cordoba Academy and continues to oversee and teach with us.


Shaykh Hasan Al-Kettani (Morocco)

Shaykh al-Sayyid al-Faqih Mohammed Hasan al-Kettani originates from a family of Muhaditheen and Maliki scholars that goes back centuries with his lineage traceable to the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him. He is extremely fortunate to have started memorizing the Quran and Hadith at a very tender as is custom in his family, many of whom were leading scholars of the 20th century, of whom the most famous were Shaykh Abdul Hayy al-Kettani, Shaykh Mohammedd ibn Jafar al-Kettani, Shaykh Muntasir Kettani, Shaykh Mohammed Baqir Kettani (May Allah have mercy on them). Shaykh Hasan continues this tradition of Islamic scholarship well into the 21st century by the regular classes that he gives to students in Morocco.

He has studied and received Ijazah (authorization) from about dozens of scholars. Shaykh has also studied and graduated from universities in Morocco and Jordan and holds a Master’s Degree in combined Fiqh and Usool.

He is a prolific author and has written in various fields including Maliki and Dhahiri Fiqh, Islamic Politics, Fiqh al-Hadith, Usool al-Hadith and Biographies of the Sahabah. Shaykh has been invited to teach in many countries around the world including Switzerland, Australia, North America, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Tunisia and Qatar as well as meeting Ulama and studying in Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Pakistan and Morocco where he currently resides with his family.  We are greatly honoured to have Shaykh Hasan (May Allah preserve him) dedicating his precious time to Cordoba Academy and its students and warmly welcome him.

Shaykh's family tree can be found below.

Shaykh Dr Aamir Sheikh

Shaykh Aamir began his studies at the Institute for Arabic and Islamic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia and went on to complete his Alim Degree (Bachelors in Islamic Studies) under the supervision of Mufti Muhammad Tayyib and Mufti Yasir Nadeem from a Darul Uloom, in Chicago, Illinois. Shaykh Aamir also completed his Master’s Degree in Education from Drexel University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


During his studies, Shaykh Aamir has had the opportunity to take courses at the Markaz Anwarul Ulema in Jordan under the tutelage of Dr. Salah AbulHaaj, and at AlQarawiyyin in Morocco under the instruction of Shaikh Youseff Annaji and Shaikh Abdurahman AlKittani. During his travels to Jordan and Morocco, Shaykh Aamir obtained ijazaat (licenses) in numerous Islamic books and subjects including Islamic Creed and Belief, Hadith Classification and Sciences, and Prophetic Hadith from senior scholars throughout the world.


Shaykh Aamir has conducted short courses and classes for over 15 years throughout the US, and continues to conduct Islamic studies short courses in the Baltimore metropolitan area. He previously served as a resident scholar of Darul Taqwa, and currently serves as a resident scholar at Masjid Fatima, which is an umbrella organization of 5 Islamic centers located in Maryland. Shaykh Aamir is also currently completing the Ifta curriculum under the supervision of Mufti Muhammad Tayyib.

Shaykh Khabbaab Ahmad (UK)

Shaykh Khabbaab Ahmad began studying the Sacred Sciences at a tender age which allowed him to memorise the complete Qur’an by the age of 12. He was then encouraged to enter into numerous national and international Quran competitions where he achieved first place more than once.

He continued to study the Sacred Sciences intensively for the next seven years through the classical methodology and studied subjects such as Arabic Language, Usool al-Hadith, Usool al-Fiqh Qiraa’ah, Tafsir, Tajweed, and ‘Aqeedah and has received Ijazaat from numerous senior ‘Ulama such as Shaykh al-Muhaddith Sher Ali, Shaykh al-Muhaddith Yunus Jaunpuri, Shaykh Ahmed Ali Surati, Shaykh Taqiuddin al-Nadwi, Shaykh al-Muqri Siddeeq Falahi.

Shaykh Khabbaab Ahmad currently lives in the UK and has travelled extensively throughout the Muslim world and the West for the purpose of Qur’an Recitation, Da’wah and teaching. Some of the places he has visited include the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Japan, Holland, Belgium, West Indies, Canada and the U.S. His travels and lectures have been a means of great inspiration to many across the UK & worldwide. To date, dozens of people have accepted Islam at his hands and are continuing to do so.

Guest Speakers

Shaykh Abdul Majid Iltaf (UK)

Shaykh Abdul Majid Iltaf was born and raised in the small West Sussex town, Crawley to a mixed English-Pakistani family and studied in the local schools until he completed his college qualification in Business and Finance.

After working in the local community involved in different jobs, his heart felt a great inclination to acquiring the Sacred Sciences which caused him to migrate to South Africa to study. After completing the basic Islamic texts he then went on to Pakistan where he spent three years studying in the Dars Nizami system before returning to England and completing his education at the Darul Uloom in Chislehurst London.

Professionally, Shaykh Abdul Majid completed his M.A. in Islamic Banking and Finance and was serving as the Imam of Langley Green Masjid in Crawley for four years until August 2011 and then as a chaplain in a local detention centre. Now he has dedicated his full time in running his own evening after-school Madrassah and Hifz class for children aged 6-15.

He also conducts a weekly Islamic classes in his hometown of Crawley and regularly travels throughout the UK where he is invited to speak at events.

Mufti Ebrahim Smith

Mufti Ebrahim Smith is a graduate of the prestigious Newcastle Islamic Seminary and he specialises in Iftaa in both the Shafi and Hanafi Madhab. He has also studied and taught at Jamia Faidhul Uloom Natal for four years.

He is the Founder and Principal of Darul Iftaa Western Cape and Jamia Islamia 'Alamiyaj Cape Town where he has been delivering seminars in Hadith and Fiqh specialisation since 2010. Under his direction 16 scholars have been accredited and graduated thus far.

He has received authorisation (Ijazah) in various Islamic disciplines from numerous scholars worldwide including: Sh Mohammed Qasim Sema (RA), Shaykh Mohammed Ali Sabooni, Shaykh Mohammed Shakur alMayadini, Mufti Taqi Uthmani, Mufti Qadhi Jaleel Qasimi, Shaykh Mohammed Daniel, and many other scholars.

His most recent published work is the Thabat, (Catalogue of chains of narration) of Shaikh al-Hadith Mohammad Qasim Sema (RA).

Shaykh Dr Abu Ubeidah Al-Qablawi (US)

Shaykh Dr Abu Ubaideh al-Qablawi was born in Jordan and came to the US as a boy with his family where he enrolled in a local school. After several years, catching up with the language requirements, he was able to complete his studies with top grades allowing him to enter Florida International University in Miami, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He finished at the top of his class. After that, he attended The University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine; one of only three Ivy League Dental schools, alongside Harvard and Columbia. He was awarded one of the school’s most prestigious scholarships, “The Dean’s Scholarship” and was able to complete his doctoral degree in Dental Medicine graduating in 2005.

While attending the University of Pennsylvania, he started searching for the pure knowledge of Islam. During this period he diligently read and listened to many scholars throughout the Muslim world, until he enrolled in the Islamic Academy in Riyadh via correspondence. He was able to finish the program in Islamic Shari’ah in three years, studying directly under professors from the major universities in the Muslim world. He then pursued the Sacred Islamic Sciences and began an intensive study of the Qur’an, memorizing and reading with several famous Egyptian scholars, which culminated in his receiving Ijazah in the ten famous modes of recitation as well as the four irregular modes with a specialization in the Hafs and Warsh modes.

He has also been blessed to travel and receive Ijazaat in many books of Hadith, Fiqh, and Arabic Language, including but not limited to Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Muwatta of Imam Malik, the Musnad of Imam Ahmad and ‘Umdat Al-Fiqh.

He currently teaches in the local mosques and establishments around his hometown of South Florida as well as being invited to popular conferences. Some of the courses that he has taught include the Seerah, Stories of the Prophets, The Forty Hadith of Imam al-Nawawi, and ‘Umdat al-Fiqh.

Maulana Salim Hoosen (SOUTH AFRICA)

Shaykh Salim Hoosen first memorised the Quran at a young age and then undertook study of the Sacred Sciences. He is a graduate of the prestigious Newcastle Islamic Seminary where he completed the Dars Nizami under the auspices of Shaykh al-Hadith Mohammed Qasim Sema (RA). He has also obtained a Diploma in Islamic Law from the University of Natal, South Africa, and a Diploma in Education from the same.

For four years, he served as the Head of Islamic Studies Department at The Islamic College of Newcastle and is currently a Principal for students at Madrassah Islamiyyah Newcastle and Madrassah Riyaadus Sawlihaat as well as a part-time lecturer at The Newcastle Islamic Seminary teaching Hanafi Fiqh and Arabic.

All this while he remained loyal to his community, where he has served as the Imam for the past 12 years.

Maulana Habib Bobat (SOUTH AFRICA)

Maulana Habib Bobat is a dynamic scholar who studied under the auspices of senior Islamic scholars the likes of which include Mufti Radahul Haq, Shaykh Sulaiman Moola, Shaykh Qari Ayub Essack and many others. He graduated from Darul Uloom Zakariyyah.

Shaykh Habib hails from Johannesburg where he is a presenter, producer and researcher for the award winning radio station, Radio Islam.  He is a voracious orator, avid blogger and when not at Radio Islam, he spends his afternoons giving enlightening discourses to students of LMA.

Mufti Arif Umar (SOUTH AFRICA)

Mufti Arif Umar was born and raised in Kenya, where he spent the first 13 years of his life schooling. At the age of 13 along with his family he moved to New Jersey, USA and stayed for 5 years completing his high school studies.

It was after his return to Kenya that the spark ignited causing him to consider treading on the Sacred Path. He started by memorising the Quran and seeing that options were limited in Kenya and the quality of education was better, he set out abroad. He travelled first to Jamia Arabia Islamia, Azaadville in South Africa, and then later to Jamia Islamia, Lusaka, Zambia, completing the 6 year Aalim course in 2011.

Upon returning to Kenya, he commenced teaching Adult night classes for men and weekly tafseer lessons for women.

In January 2012, he joined Jamia Darul Quran in Mombasa, where he taught the Aalima course for 2 years. Simultaneously for a year, he taught Islamic Studies at Memon College, Mombasa.

In September of 2013, he commenced Iftaa studies with the renowned Hanafi scholar Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

In January 2014, seeing that study options were limited for natives, he founded Madrasah Fadhlul Uloom in Kenya that proffers the complete Aalim course for males.


We ask Allah to bless all of them, their families and all of their loved ones. And we ask Him, that He guides us to give them their deserved respect and humility and take the utmost benefit from them whenever we are presented with the opportunity.