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Musalsal Hadith FAQs

Q. What is a Musalsal Hadith?

A. In brief, it is a hadith that follows a specific pattern in its chain (sanad) irrespective of what the text (matn) is in relation to.

The pattern can be related to the attribute of the transmitters i.e. they are all from the same land, or they are all Hanafi, or linguists etc.

For example, the Musalsal bi l-Muhammadiyeen is a narration that has Muhammads narrating from each other from the beginning all the way back to the end of the chain, however the text of the hadith has no relation to the name Muhammad. 

The pattern can also be related to the transmission i.e. the Musalsal bi Yawm al-Eid which is narrated on the Day of Eid from the present time to that of the first Muslims of this ummah over 1400 years ago.

Students should endeavor to obtain the tradition with its pattern from a scholar who has done the same from his teacher and so on. Nowadays, students are not paying attention to this condition and so the quality of their chain of narration is substandard.

Q. How is it that no other famous institutes carry out these lessons as it is the first time I heard of this type of hadith and lesson?

A. Cordoba Academy were the first Islamic academy worldwide to start the Musalsal recital classes around 10 years ago and whilst most institutes are doing good things for imparting knowledge from books, they pay scant attention to maintaining the traditions inherited from the scholars, such as Islamic chivalry and the preservation of the Isnād System. This is usually because the teachers themselves acquired their knowledge from 'Islamic universities' that confer them with western-style degrees bereft of the traditional methodology of inheriting knowledge at the feet of the scholars. In contrast, we at CA, pay great attention to reviving the pristine sacred tradition & this monthly lesson is just one of those ways.

Q. When are the Musalsal lessons carried out?

A. The current lessons taught in English have been running for close to 2 years now and the date varies based upon the schedule & availability of Shaykh Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimashqi. Usually, at least 2 weeks advance notice is given to students before the lesson.

Q. How can I stay informed about these lessons?

A. The best way is to remain in this dedicated groups. We don't believe in "overselling the tradition" via constant emails and we don't chase people to study the sacred sciences. It is a privilege from Allah, if one is chosen by Him to study.

Q. I attended a lesson and heard the Shaykh giving Ijazah (authorisation). What does that mean for me?

A. It means you can pass on this narration to your students and others through the chain (s) you have received. This right was originally conferred to you through the Prophetic narration: "Convey from me even if it be one verse" (al-Bukhari)

Q. Does this Ijazah (license) mean I am qualified to teach hadith?

A. No, not at all. That form of license is different and requires that you study entire texts with the scholars. This license permits you to transmit only the narration you heard to others.

Q. Do you have any programs for reading complete hadith works?

A. Yes, to stay in touch with these join the whatsapp group, click here

Q. If the Ijazah was given by the Shaykh in the lesson verbally, why do students insist on having a written certificate?

A. The verbal Ijazah is the valid norm in the Hadith tradition, however some students may prefer to have a written document with the full chain connected to their own name, bearing the seal of the granting scholar that stands as a proof for years to come.

Q. Are there any other reasons why a written certificate is sought?

A. Yes, for increased accuracy in the chain and text of the narration. Very often the Musalsal works were printed decades ago by non-specialists and they are replete with typos and inconsistencies. Most scholars granting Ijazah simply copy/paste these chains and pass them on to their students, however Shaykh Mohammed is recognised in the field for his research and definitive redaction of every chain he passes on & his work is highly sought after.

Q. How can I obtain a written certificate?

A. A link will be sent in this group after the lesson has concluded with further details on the procedure.

Q. How can I obtain every chain of narration for a musalsal hadith that Shaykh Mohammed Daniel narrates through?

A. This is simply not possible to encompass taking into consideration that Shaykh has well over 500 teachers and each teacher may narrate through several or more scholars. The chains that are provided to students are usually the most reliable chains going through the most renowned scholars of hadith in their time.

Q. Do you teach any regular courses and what is unique about them?

A. Yes, we teach regularly throughout the year. We specialise in the Hadith Sciences and it's related branches. In addition we teach texts in Arabic language and other sciences. Our unique approach, means that we teach only classical texts by way of Isnād, resulting in all successful students being connected to the sacred heritage through their teachers.

Q. Do you have a structured program of study?

A. Yes, for more info please visit:

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