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Al Mandhoomah Al Bayquniyyah - Ibn Hajr Dip 20_21'


Synopsis ​This thirty-four line rhyming text was authored to introduce the science of hadith to those without any prior knowledge of hadith sciences. Its brief format, yet broad scope make it an ideal introductory text for those who wish to simply gain a greater appreciation of the scope of hadith sciences or for even those who wish to specialize in the science of hadith. Its rhyming nature, allows for easy memorization and it includes essential topics relating to hadith terminology for any student of Islam, such as sahih (authentic) hasan (good), or daeef (weak).The work also includes more sophisticated terminology used by scholars of hadith such as marfoo', maqtoo', mursal, ghareeb and much more.It is a stepping stone for students of hadith who plan on studying more detailed texts in the science of hadith such as Nukhbat al-Fikar by Ibn Hajr or Ikhtisaar Uloom al-Hadith by Ibn Kathir, but it is equally vital for any student of Islam, whether they be a student of Fiqh, Tafseer or Aqeedah, because the Shariah of Islam is based upon textual evidence. What’s in it for me? By the end of the course, a student will be able to do the following: Understand and vocalize the nomenclature (technical terms) used by scholars of hadith. Understand and vocalize Arabic words not associated with hadith nomenclature, that occur in the text Categorize Hadith based on frequency of narration Develop the ability to disseminate knowledge associated with both types of words




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