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Seerah & Adab Online Diploma Program

The Imam Al-Tirmidhi

“Indeed, in the Messenger of Allah is an excellent exemplar for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and who remembers Allah often.” 33:21

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Why Cordoba Academy?


Cordoba Academy is the preeminent seat of learning worldwide for the transmission of the Sacred Islamic Sciences. We merge the traditional methods of inheriting and transmitting knowledge through sacred Isnad with the latest technology and techniques in instruction.


For over fourteen years, Cordoba Academy has conducted English and Arabic programs which explore and unlock classical Islamic texts through onsite and online programs worldwide. Furthermore, Cordoba Academy has provided to students of knowledge, at all levels, from all backgrounds, the benefit of studying with some of the greatest living scholars of our times. The various programs delivered at Cordoba Academy have earned repute in both the Arab and non-Arab world; thousands of students and scholars have taken immense benefit from them.


Recognizing that many dedicated students are unable to commit to our acclaimed intensive diploma programs in real-time, and in the interest of facilitating the pursuit of Islamic knowledge, CA has decided to offer the self-paced diploma program. This allows students a chance to use the class materials and resources to customize and pace their study as they wish, checking-in with the program mentor and academic staff when they require guidance, assessment or feedback.


Every student who joins this program will study under the direct and unrestricted guidance of the renowned hadith researcher and author: Shaykh al-Muhaddith al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir who in following the footsteps of the great scholars of Prophetic Tradition, has established his reputation as one of the most widely-travelled specialists of Prophetic legacy in the world today. The Shaykh has and continues to travel unrelentingly to preserve the sacred tradition of Isnad, in pursuit of excellence in the Prophetic Tradition


What is it about?

This is a unique, carefully structured, thorough program, put together with the advice of the world’s leading scholars of Prophetic Tradition and taught in English medium. Unlike other academies, that prefer contemporary works which are detached from the genuine tradition of Isnad, this program brings together some of the most essential classical works in both the specializations of the sublime Prophetic biography, and Islamic decorum/comportment. Cordoba Academy believes that it is only through truly knowing the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) will we be able to imitate him and beautify our own character with his sublime example.

What can you get out of it?

By the end of this program, you will have obtained an overview of the “Sublime Prophetic Way of Life” and a wholesome foundation in both the Prophetic biography and Prophetic comportment; making you more than capable of passing on the studied texts to your peers and students. Moreover, as with all courses at Cordoba Academy, you will be granted Ijazah (traditional license to narrate and teach) with full chains of narration for the texts studied, connecting you to the blessed lineage of scholars who set forward on the sacred path before you.


Who is it for?

Students are encouraged to have a basic understanding of Islamic personal obligations (fard ‘ayn) before delving further into the specifics, however, this program will be extremely beneficial for all Muslims who want to have a solid foundation in these essential sciences. Students who successfully complete this program and wish to further their studies, may undertake the Imam Qadhi Iyadh Advanced Seerah & Adab Diploma Program.


Students study independently at their own pace, accessing the online lectures, materials and resources at their convenience. When guidance or module assessment is required, they may consult the academic staff through the dedicated Telegram group or simply book a slot online.


The total fee for the program has been set at $1002 for students who choose to ‘pay-as-you-go’ for each course. A special price of $699 shall be given to all students who make a lump sum payment or pay in 3 installments. Payments can be made either through bank transfer or PayPal

About The Program
Structure & Fees

Course FAQs

Q. What language are the courses taught in?

A. All classes will be taught through English, with the Arabic text covered during class so that students become familiar with the Arabic language used.

​Q. Can I join this course as a listener and not be required to complete assessments?

A. Yes, however you will not be able to receive Ijazah for teaching these texts to others.

Q. What is an Ijazah? As I see this word used frequently on the website?

​A. For an in-depth definition of Ijazah, please read about it here.

Q. If I am unable to attend a course or term due to personal reasons what happens?

A. You can test for ijazah in the individual texts that you attended, however to earn the diploma you have to study the remaining courses privately or when they are next offered.

Q. How are students assessed? 

​A. Through the traditional methods of ongoing assessment during class as well as regular and end of year written assessments.

Q. If I have attended some of these courses before, do I need to repeat them?

A. As the nature of these courses is very academic, the content and length of the courses will be more intensive. Those who have attended previously will be assessed and if they need to repeat a course a discount will be offered for students who have studied with the same course teacher.

Q. How can I get a copy of the materials that are used in the course?

​A. Materials for the course will be provided to the students upon acceptance to the program. They are stored in a telegram group which all students will have access to. They can also be sent out by email at the request of students.

​Q. Why are scholars so strict when awarding Ijazah - to the extent that if I miss a single hadith, it is noted?

​A. The Ijazah Sanad (chain of transmission) system depends on the trust of the narrators. If the scholars were lax in awarding the Ijazah, this would have an adverse chain reaction effect, resulting in the accreditation of people in the future who were incapable of bearing this trust. This would ultimately lead to the ruining of the Sanad, one of the salient features of authentic transmission and inheritance of sacred knowledge in Islam.

Course FAQs

 Financial FAQs

Q. I realise that the fees are very reasonable, but prefer to pay in instalments, is this possible?

​A. Yes, it is, please email us on cordobaacademy (at) for more information

​Q. What modes of payment do you accept?

​A. Payment can be made by bank transfer, paypal, western union, moneygram.

​Q. Are there any discounts on the diploma fees?

A. CA fees are among the most competitive in the world for the quality and amount of time that students enjoy on the programs, however we offer two discounts:

Family discount. We offer a 10% discount for each member of the same family. Do your duty as commanded in the Holy Quran (6:66), “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire (Hell)” and get the best of both worlds.

Referral discount. We are sure that you will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from our classes, so if you recommend us to your friends, we will offer you 10% off the price of the program for each referral who enrolls onto the diploma. If you refer five people, you may join the program for free so not only are you rewarded in the Hereafter for encouraging people to learn, but you also save yourself some money.

​Q. I reverted to Islam in the past 2 years, can I join for free to learn my deen?

​A. Every new Muslim (past 2 years) may join the first course for free to have an introduction to the science of hadith.

​Q. If I am unable to start a course due to some extenuating circumstances, will you provide a refund of course fees?

A. In order to keep course fees highly competitive and keep administrative costs down, we do not offer refunds, but we can offer you credit in an equivalent amount, which can be used on any of our courses within one year.

​Q. What is the fee for individual courses. 

​A. The fee is shown next to the course in the above flyer.

​Q. Do you accept donations if we want to sponsor a student

​A. Yes, these are welcome and there are always students who want to join and need such help. Please click on on the donate button to make your contribution.

​Q. How do I know what the equivalent course fee is in my currency?

A. You may view this information at

​Q. Why does Cordoba Academy charge for the courses? Shouldn’t Islamic knowledge be free?

A. Ideally, we would like to offer our classes free of charge to all since our objective is to elevate the Book of Allah and to inculcate the true teachings of Islam throughout society. However, in order for the academy to cover costs and continue operating successfully, offering you the quality you deserve at optimum levels a very reasonable fee is charged for the classes. If you calculate how much it would cost you in fuel and time to travel to a physical lecture, you would find that it would as much as attending online with us. Secondly, members of Cordoba Academy Faculty regularly conduct activities worldwide, at no cost whatsoever, however, if they are to continue the tradition of providing high squality in their teaching through their meticulous planning and preparation for lessons, they need to dedicate precious time that they would otherwise use to earn a livelihood. Thirdly, the Baitul Maal (Islamic Treasury) used to not only provide for the living costs of the destitute, but also sponsor the services of scholars and even Muslim Caliphs like Abu Bakr and Umar (May Allah be pleased with them). As this institution no longer exists, the Ummah needs to improvise in order to meet these expenses. Fourthly, there are those who consider taking payment for Islamic knowledge as Haraam or insincere, but the soundest opinion and that of the Shafi’. Maliki, Hanbali schools as well as later generations of Hanafi scholars, is that it is permissible. Some have based this on the hadith:​

عن عبد الله بن عباس رضي الله عنهما قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم": إن أحق ما أخذتم عليه أجرا كتابُ الله"  رواه البخاري

“The thing for which you most deserve to take payment is the Book of Allah.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

Finally, charging for the courses is an exception and not the rule. We at Cordoba Academy strongly believe that Islamic education is a right for all including those who cannot afford it. Should you want to join the program and genuinely cannot afford it, please email us to discuss what can be done to help.

Financial FAQs
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 Technical FAQs

Q. Do I have to be computer savvy to study these courses?

A. No, the software employed is very user-friendly. If you do encounter problems, we will arrange for a member from the technical team to contact and assist you.


Q. What hardware do I need to be able to join courses that Cordoba Academy (CA) offers?

A. Apart from a computer with internet access, you will need to have a microphone and speakers.


Q. What software do I need to be able to join courses that CA offers?

A. To access the materials used during the course you will need to use Adobe Reader and either Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. These can be downloaded from:

Q. Which program do you use for the online learning, as it may be new to me?

​A. We use Zoom which is used by hundreds of teachers worldwide. Upon your acceptance on the course, we will email you a link to join the course sessions.

Q. During the online class, my internet was disconnected. How do I make up for what I missed? Are the sessions recorded?

A. All lectures are recorded and can be accessed as soon as the session ends. However, if you are on an Ijazah course, you will need to arrange a suitable time with your course mentor to revise the material that you may have missed.

If you are experiencing other problems that are not mentioned here, and you require expert advice, please e-mail cordobaacademy (at)

Technical FAQs

Get in touch with us:

📞WhatsApp : +1 (313) 351-5199

Join the Dedicated Whatsapp Group, Click Here


“Indeed, in the Messenger of Allah is an excellent exemplar for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and who remembers Allah often.” (33:21)

Payment Options
Payment Options
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