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The Cordoba Hadith Diploma program is unlike any other in the English language. I have no doubt that Shaykh Mohammed Daniel is of the most learned, if not the most learned person who teaches this science in English. The level of understanding I gained in the science of hadith increased dramatically having taken Shaykh Mohammed's classes. He has a unique teaching style as well as curriculum, as you progress through the course one sees the wisdom and logic Shaykh has used to structure his program  and he builds on what was previously learned going in great depth and detail. The level of precision, analysis, and detail that the shaykh provides is invaluable and I feel very confident having done this course of continuing my studies ,the Islamic Sciences overseas. From the indispensable content of this course is the Shaykh's insights and advice for those who are studying Islam seriously, taking from his experience and wisdom will save the student from making mistakes in their studies by wasting valuable time...


I can not express in words how important the insights that Shaykh provides is. After taking this course one will be able to definitely differentiate between someone who is a scholar with takhasus (specialization) in hadith and one who is merely a student. The assignments that the Shaykh assigns the students is also a very important part of this program as it gives the student direction and a blueprint for reviewing the material learned which will only help him become more grounded in what is very important and well founded  in what one has studied. 

~ Harun S. (USA)

"I have undertaken and, through the Kindness of God, have been able to complete the Cordoba Academy Hadith Diploma, under the guidance of Shaykh Mohammed Daniel.

Genius is the ability of a person to not only understand complex matters, but to then proceed to simplify the complex; facilitating an understanding for people of all abilities. Throughout the course, students are gradually introduced to various and ever increasingly complex principles of Hadith - Shaykh Mohammed, effortlessly, simplifies the complex and makes the material accessible for all.

Shaykh Mohammed and Cordoba Academy offer students a unique and unrivalled opportunity to indulge their fascination and interest for Mustalah al-Hadith. The course is well structured and provides a comprehensive overview of the sciences, whilst offering to the student an opportunity to study in depths not commonly afforded in modern day teaching institutes. 

Shaykh Mohammed is selfless as a teacher and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the students have taken the upmost benefit from the course. Students also benefit from his extensive travels which have resulted in a depth of knowledge in the sciences, as well as being afforded the opportunity to benefit from the Shaykhs no nonsense approach to modern day issues and how to live according to the Sunnah of our Beloved Master sallAllahu alaihi wasallam.

I couldn't recommend this course anymore for those who are either seeking to enter the science, or those who are established and wish to take the benefit of the Shaykh."

~ Anonymous (England)

 My first assumption of hadith studies before Cordoba Academy was that hadith science only dealt with sahih, hasan and daif and nothing else. Already from the beginning of the diploma course at Cordoba Academy, the ustadh (Mohammed Daniel) opened my eyes to a huge area of Islamic sciences that I never knew existed before. This is really a treat for a student of knowledge because the ustadh provides in depth knowledge of hadith and at the same time shares his experience in studying with leading senior scholars.

Many Muslims have neglected the science of hadith but with Cordoba Academy everybody is given the opportunity to be a part of the revival of this science even those who cannot read Arabic.

~ Soliman El Rrami (Europe)

I have been studying with Cordoba Academy for many years now with the intention of having an in depth understanding of the Hadith Sciences and my joy knew no bounds when the diploma program was announced. Alhamdulillah, I have studied with numerous institutions and teachers online but the clarity and precision provided by Shaykh Mohammed Daniel by simplifying the complex terminologies with the aid of charts and graphical representation of the terms left me asking for more.The program progressed from leg to leg with a comparative study of the classical texts coupled with constructive criticism of the definitions and methodologies used by the classical scholars. A not to be missed program worth every minute of your time!

~ Amatullah F (Saudi Arabia)

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