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Mon, 7 March | Cordoba Academy Online

Imam Ibn Katheer's
Fa'da'il al-Qurān

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​Cordoba Academy

​The Preeminent Academy

For Sanad Revival Worldwide is honoured to present:

Free Maqr'a Program

Textual Recital of

فضائل القرآن

Ibn Kathīr's Fa'da'il al-Qurān

A Full Recital of this Timeless Classic Under the Supervision of:

🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia
🔆 Shaykh al-Musnid al-Sharif Muhammad b. Abi Bakr al-Hibshi

(80+ years old Grand Musnid who through the efforts of his father during his early years amassed some of the highest asaneed in the world from the grand musnideen of their time who lived at or visited the Holy City of Makkah over 70 years ago including Hafidh Abdul Hayy al-Kettani (d.1382), Muhaddith al-Haramayn Umar Hamdan al-Mahrisi (d.1368), Ahmed b. Umar al-Baar (d.1365) Muhammad b. Abdullah al-Aydarus (d.1368) and many others)

Date & Timings
3 days a week only from Monday to Wednesday starting March 7 until March 30, 2022 at:

⏲New York 1:00 AM | ⏰London 6:00 PM | 🕰Makkah 9:00 PM | ⏲KL 1:00 AM


📘 Book Link :

📜 This program is for scholars and advanced students only

it will be in Arabic only for the purposes of hadith revision and sanad acquisition.

Ijazah will be granted to attendees

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